About Us


     In today’s communication society, it is more difficult then ever to stand out with a reliable and clear profile. In order to meet the communication needs of the society in this new area, companies should maintain quality in every aspect and support this attribute by research and development.     As Ores Display Systems, relying on 18 years of experience, we commit ourselves to creat satisfied partners through the world by combining product quality, innovative designs and on time deliveries for the right price.We invite you to live the Ores difference.


     1992 Ores Display Systems, founded by Hayrettin Ege and Sezar Yurttagler started its operations in a small workshop in Seyrantepe-Istanbul and achieved to be the pioneer by introducing Aluminum display and visual communication systems in Turkish market.


     1998 Ores was forced to expand capacity and move to its recent address in Sarikaya Street Seyrantepe to meet the increasing demand coming from domestic market. The HQ of the company is still serving its customers from this address.


     2000 First international trade show experience followed by the first sales activities to foreign markets.


     2002 International sales department formed to provide full service to foreign customers.


     2006 Following the amazing growth in exports and in order to meet international demand, Ores opened its new production facility in Tuzla-Istanbul.


     2007 At the beginning of the year, Ores reached an average capacity of 2000 frames a day with the help of 55 staff in order to combine the principles competitive prices high quality products on time deliveries.


     2010 Celebrating our 18th anniversary, we are serving over 100 customers/partners on over 5 continents and achieved to introduce our name related to our well known quality all over the world. We are keeping working hard to fulfill the requirements of our company’s motto “Quality is our first product”.

Qualität ist unser erstes Produkt!