About Us

Who are we?

ORES DISPLAY SYSTEMS, since its establishment in 1992, has aimed to maket he first in its industry and production. The company, which has been the Pioneer of new ideas and innovation since its foundation, has first introduced 27 years ago the fridge magnets which can easily enter every house and is most common advertising medium nowadays for everyone’s use with the brandname “ESNEK MIKNATIS – FLEXIBLE MAGNET”. In the following years, when computers were not widely used, they produced for local market weekly, monthly and annual planning boards and introduced this very important product to help companies and individuals to plan their long-term business&duties. As a result of following innovations, ORES has realised a big gap in the Indoor Visiual Comminication business and started to manufacture front loading/opening aluminum snap frames and other display Products which have been rapidly widespread in the areas such as bank chains, restaurants, airports and public transport. ORES, aimed to the principles of making the firsts, recognized by the Turkish and Global market as a company, introducing regularly new designs and being innovative. Apart from these products, which it still continues to produce today, it has focused on continuous customer satisfaction and continuity for 27 years with a new investment and idea every year. ORES, which started with the slogan “QUALITY IS OUR FIRST PRODUCT,, has achieved a respectable place in the world advertising and promotion products market by remaining true to this motto. Today, ORES, exports 85% of its production to more than 35 countries all over the World from Europe to Africa, from America to Asia-Pasific. ORES develops alternatives and offers solutions to the needs of the companies with its production capabilities&opportunities and wide product range, the majority of which are designed by itself.

Our vision

To provide continuous development in order to be a leading company in global standards recognized internationally, leading innovations and being exemplary by other companies of the market. To provide high quality products to all our customers within the country and abroad. To meet all quality expectations of the cooperated companies.

Our Location

Starting from 2016, ORES has adopted the line of becoming a global company. Accordingly, it opened offices in Germany (Continental Europe Center) in 2016 and England in 2017 and started to serve its customers directly from these centers. We aim to be the best LOCAL partner of companies by continuing to grow in line with the principle of “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL”. You can reach us in order to provide you the most rapid service: Head Office: SEYRANTEPE, GULIZAR SOKAK NO.16/A 34418 KAGITHANE / ISTANBUL Factory: DERI ORGANIZE SANAYI BOLGESI, 1.YOL F9 PARSEL 34956 TUZLA / ISTANBUL Germany Office & Warehouse: AM BLAUFUSS 8, 46485, WESEL United Kingdom Office & Warehouse : THE SOLAR BARN, OLD PARK FARM FORD END, CM3 1LN ESSEX

Design and Product Development

In addition to carrying out studies for the demands and needs of the “display” world, we offer the most appropriate solutions with our innovative structure. In order to meet the needs and demands of our customers, our marketing and production units develop common ideas on the design of each product that will be realized in parallel with our R & D studies that enable us to blend technological developments with our production, and then visualize these ideas in our graphic design service. In line with these ideas that visualize, color and gain life, the most suitable materials that can be used in production are selected, and if necessary, new profiles suitable for the product are designed and produced. With the design of all materials to be used in our products, a prototype study is prepared with the help of 3D printer technology and possible defects or design changes are identified and presented to our customers with the joint decision of marketing and production units.

Aluminum Display Products

Whilst all of the high quality aluminum profiles used in our visual communication (Display) products are designed and moulded by our company, we have more than 200 aluminum profile designs to present to our clients with our special solutions. All of our aluminum display products are processed within our company and the quality control of the whole process from design stage to packaging is done by us. We can make changes in our standard models according to customer needs for different concepts, we can offer new designs and products to develop in order to meet the needs of our customers or we can design directly according to the request of our clients. While designing our aluminum display products, we also use wood, iron, metal sheets and acrylic materials, which we also process in our own manufactory and color our designs with digital and silk screen printing methods.

Acrylic Processing

We use laser technology for precision cutting in the processing of plastics such as acrylic, PET, PVC. Thus, we provide perfect,clean and suitable products for the desired quality. In precision works, the error-free products are created with the detailed processing feature of our bending machine with dexterity and experience. In addition to our standard products, we also prioritize customer satisfaction with the design and production solutions we offer for corporations.

Wood Processing

Wooden materials play an important role in our designs and products. As it is a natural material, a warm appearance is obtained at the points of sale. With our horizontal and vertical sizing cutters, computerized routers and CNC milling machines, wood materials are given the desired shape and also edge banding machines are providing a clean appearance. As well as we have some display products, which are made using only wood, wood accessories are also complementary and decorative elements in most of our production areas.

Metal Processing

We use aluminum plates, metal sheets, iron, stainless steel as raw materials in our workbenches which we call as “metal processing”. Cutting and sizing all of these materials, bending and curling, welding, drilling and riveting, sanding and even painting processes can take the final form within our factory. Being able to combine and process different materials of different thicknesses is one of ORES ‘greatest strengths in design and production.

Aluminum Processing

Aluminum is a metal with low specific gravity. Besides being low in weight, it has high durability. Most of our aluminum products are made of anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum is an ideal material that is softer and warmer than other coatings and also fits to any environment with its high quality appearance. In addition to our standard products, we are always able to develop and realize new and different designs in order to meet customer demands.

Printing Opportunities

Almost on all of our products, different printing applications can be made in order to emphasize and strengthen brands and companies. We provide printing services in various ways ranging from stylish and elegant laser marking or silk screen printing to large-scale printing for small size promotions or big advertisement boards.

* Silk Screen Printing

* Pad Printing

* Digital Sublimation Textile Printing

* Digital UV Printing

* Transfer Printing

* Router Engraving

* Laser Marking

Packaging & Logistics

A principle that we always emphasize in all the products we manufacture is not only the high material quality of our products, but also the excellence of packaging and palletizing processes. We want to ensure that every shipment that reaches our customers, the quality of the shipment and the products are intact. Therefore, we also pay attention to our cleaning, packaging and palletizing services. With our international logistics organisation, we deliver our products to all over the World from America to Asia-Pacific or from Northern Europe to South Africa. We provide airline, road, rail and maritime logistics organizations for our customers at the lowest cost and highest service quality. In our domestic shipments, we give service with our company lorrys and deliver our products to the places that we cannot reach with the desired cargo and transportation services. According to ORES, quality starts at our first contact with you and lasts forever. “Quality is our first product.”

Qualität ist unser erstes Produkt!